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Owner Representative

As the Owner’s Representative, CPM can directly limit risks and improve the probability of project success.

CPM Owner Representative Services limit project risks for construction Owners.

Owner objectives common to every project include cost control, quality assurance, timely performance and risk avoidance. The achievement of these objectives is subject to the risks inherent in the particular project delivery method selected.

An Owner who prefers a lump-sum approach, for example, must address the risks that: a competent set of Contract Documents will be produced – on time; the design will be the most cost effective solution; the low-bid or negotiated contractor will build to all quality and time requirements; and change orders and claims for other costs and delays will be kept under control.

Added risks in Construction Management and Design-Build project delivery formats may compromise intentions, create conflicts of interest or cause misunderstandings.

CPM Owner Representative Services can include:

  • Assistance with selection of the project delivery arrangement
  • Valuation and analysis of all contractor and designer work products and times of performance
  • Enforcement of the owner’s expectations by providing relevant checks and balances with respect to the design and construction forces
  • Conducting on-site field inspections to confirm required performance with respect to physical construction, quality and time of performance
  • Review, evaluation and negotiation of change proposals, cost estimates, claims, schedules, and schedule updates
  • Application of our construction and claims experience toward the resolution of problems and avoidance of claims
  • Objective pursuit of the owner’s interests