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CPM Scheduling

Civitello Project Management provides CPM scheduling, schedule management and schedule analysis services to the highest standard of professional care. Whether your project is public, institutional or private, small, large – or very large – our schedules form the backbone of the most effective project management process.

Proper schedule management is effective project management .

During the design and construction of every capital project, “time” truly is “money.” Quite literally, the combination of budget and schedule information is the basis of all project management.

When properly used, schedules control projects, manage information, increase productivity, maximize profitability and control liabilities. Schedules can compel performance, clarify impacts, and support positions in cases of dispute.

In a very real sense, Schedule Management =  Project Control.

CPM Construction Scheduling Services Include:

  • Preparation of baseline schedules and periodic schedule updates
  • Cost-loading and resource-loading of schedules and coordination of schedule activities with cost and billing activities
  • Preparation of cash-flow projections and monitoring of actual cash-performance against planned performance
  • Comparison of cash-performance with production-performance
  • Development and implementation of recovery programs, acceleration schedules or re-schedules
  • Conducting meetings to review progress, direct performance, compel corrective actions, and complete necessary documentation
  • Presentation of impacts of changes to substantiate delays
  • Preparation or Analysis of schedule updates and time impact claims
  • Identification of misuse of schedules in both project management and claim situations
  • Reconstruction of as-built schedules used to support or refute delay damages and other claim issues