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Forensic Engineering

CPM provides services on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes and claims relating to defective construction.

Qualified construction specialists, architects and engineers can be provided who are skilled at determining the causes of construction failure and property loss, and who can communicate findings clearly and convincingly.

CPM experts can analyze failures, establish appropriate correction procedures, determine if a failure is construction or design related and calculate repair costs.

CPM Forensic Engineering and Defective Construction Analysis Services can be provided related to:

  • Identification of specific items of defective work
  • Relating as-built conditions to those required by Contract Documents
  • Determination of repair scope and times of performance
  • Preparation of estimates relating to cost to repair
  • Construction management or oversight services necessary to implement required corrections
  • Claim documentation, preparation and resolution

CPM can also provide construction management, owner representation, and other assistance to ensure that reconstruction and repairs are performed correctly and on schedule, and that all activities are thoroughly documented.