CPM presentation graphics and animations help your audience understand the most important elements of your case.

We live in a visual society - even to the point where people rely heavily on visuals to make decisions.

Today's sophisticated jurors, judges, arbiters and counsel expect high-quality visuals that meaningfully convey a story, concept or argument.  CPM gives attorneys ways to effectively present otherwise difficult and abstract concepts by reducing them to simple and compelling graphics and animations. When your message is visually clear, your chances of prevailing increase.

CPM graphics will be used in all our presentations, but can be used directly in our client presentations as well.

The right graphics tell powerful stories.  By using CPM graphics and animations, you present your arguments in ways that will increase comprehension and retention of key facts while reinforcing themes and strategies.  Our creative demonstrative evidence can help speed learning curves, add clarity and help the fact finder remember critical facts, theory and theme of your case.

CPM will rapidly prepare clear and concise graphics and animations for all phases of the dispute resolution process.  Using compelling graphics when presenting your arguments in early meetings - even before an issue develops into a formal claim - can communicate a high level of organization and preparation that will send a powerful message to everyone in the room.

All CPM graphics are in high resolution digital images that can be used in CPM's and your own PowerPoint presentations or be printed in any size and format . Static boards are still effective tools for use in the courtroom, hearings or meetings.  We can create any size exhibit.

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